Hello Sinsa :D

Today is Sunday and though the weather has been bad, I have been ripped off and some friends left us back because we came to late the day was really really great. :D

So we got up really early today (ehm 8.50 so for us early haha), because we wanted to meet some friends, but because of some minor incidents we were late by just 20 minutes though. So when we arrived at the meeting place no one was there anymore and no one texted us either. So my roommate and I decided to go and enjoy Sinsa instead.

We went out eating at café mamas which was so good. This food was heaven so if you go to Sinsa someday try it! There were a lot of foreigners in there. Maybe because the English church is right by and they all smiled at me, because I am also a foreigner ^^ It has been so long, since people who didn't know me just smiled at me like that. :D

I love the buzzers in this Country ^^
I got the mashroom panini one and you could taste the basil and a lot of other spices. It tasted so fresh!

And my friend got the Mozzarella one. Well actually we made half half ^^ 

Did I tell you that the food was delicious? I can't say it often enough xD We also had some icy drinks. And since I had a graving for melon, since it got warm down here I got kiwi. xD

No just kidding I got melon and my friend got grapes and both of them were super yummy.
Afterwards my friend took me to her church and, not like in a German church (usually rather boring   -.-'), it was interesting! It is hard to explain, but it works completely different. More like in America I think. And the people from her church were so nice and welcomed me with open arms ^^ For sure European churches should do something about how boring they are!

Thereafter she showed me around Sinsa. We went to a lot of clothing stores. And even a vintage one, which did smell really bad xD
We didn't find anything xD
But we had fun trying out all the sunglasses
Ah that German one is just so wrong I think it is German ? Maybe?  

Haha tried to use my friend to take a pic but he cought me.

Oh and where I got ripped off. I went to Olive Young and the price tag for lotion said 8600, but I had to pay 14900 and who would pay 15$ for a body lotion. -.- Even told the lady and though she said sorry it didn't really look like she was T.T
That's how a 15$ Lotion Looks like xD At least I like it and it smells good though

But never mind the day was fun and exhausting and a first, since I haven't been to Sinsa so far.
I hope you enjoyed it, too. Please subscribe to my blog!! Cause sharing is caring :) And feel free to comment bellow. What do you think of curch in your Country ? Interesting? Boring?

Lot's of love from Seoul and a wonderful day. See ya ^^