My romantic spring in Seoul

Hey there I just wanted to share with you guys how amazing spring is at my exchange University. There are cherry blossoms and other flowers everywhere for about 2 weeks I'd say. It is lovely. Students are sitting outside underneath the trees. Everyone is taking pictures. Even families came to the campus to take pictures xD

My friend said I am weird for taking a pic of them taking a pic, but they are so cute ^-^

So here are some pics of my Campus at Kookmin during springtime. Lol maybe now you wanna do your exchange here, too.

took a pic here too ^-^



our tallest building :)


that's the view from the top ^^

Now only a guy is missing to enjoy spring together xD If you visit Korea someday definitely come during spring time. It is very beautiful here.
It's been just 3 days since I took the pics, but now the petals are already falling down. How is your spring ? Feel free to share some nice spring pictures in the comments :) What is your favourite month of the year?
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