Are you also in Seoul and have no clue where to go? Which places to visit and where to start? Well we are on the same boat! I know Seoul is huge and there is soo much to do, but the big question is where to start. How to see everything in a short time in the most efficient way? Well this weekend I decided not just to randomly go out but to sit down on my butt and do some research. Oh yes and research I did.


So I googled a ton of websites and those are the top 5 that helped me most:


This site is practically a free PDF on what to do in Seoul. It is easy to understand, with lots of pictures and I liked it a lot! It shows the one hundred must see sights in Seoul. And devides them into zones. For every place to visit , there is a description.



Another free PDF I found.  This is pretty cool, since there is a plan attached to all the places. You can actually see which other attractions and places are near, where you might eat, where the next bank is and so on.  It is the official tourist guide.



Are you a big Kpop or Kdrama fan? Than this free PDF might help you out it is a free hallyu guide. It even gives suggestions where you might find you favourite stars. LOL like you might see I love free stuff so I am sharing :)



This was actually the first website I came across. You can find everything about Seoul on this site. From food to travelling and for a small fee you even get insider guides to places to visit completely planed for you. I'd really like to get to know the author! He did a really good Job.



This site was also really helpful. If you are interested in a bus tour that’s the page to go to. Or if you want other information this one has a huge variety not only covering Seoul, but whole Korea.
So I hope those sites help you as much as they helped me. :) And have fun visiting all those places in Seoul!!