Seongbuk: Exploring art in my neighborhood

*Haha yes I know today you only got to see a list of sites to look at if you want to actually visit
attractions-and.html. But you will also get an update on what I have been up to this week*

This week I had my very first practical tea ceremony class, which is definitely not as easy as it seems! But the guys in there are rather handsome *tüdlüü* Pls don't let them read this.. or do. I am not sure which option would be better haha.

This week has been really really busy and I have learned so many new things. Not just that the guys in my tea ceremony class are good looking.  I was out drinking with a few friends, since one of our friends had birthday and the drinking experience here is a whole new thing. I am pretty good at drinking, I am German I have to be, but they take it up to a whole new level. Let me know if you want to hear about Korean drinking culture in the comments bellow!

This led to a very interesting next day, since I had University and you can't just skip out of classes here. What a shame. ( In Germany attending readings is not mandatory mostly ). I swear my Professor knew I was still kind of out. She kept on walking in circles and making awful scraping sounds with the chair!

My friend went with me after classes to do my Alien Registration at the Global Center (She Kind of convinced me not to skip again) and then we went to an Emart. If you want to hear about Emarts or shopping possibilities, you know where the comments are! BTW By that time I was pretty much ok again. 

And lastly today I finally wandered around my neighborhood. Usually I jump on a bus and gone I am. I never realized what nice a place we were living close to. And here I have even pictures!
Ps.: The drivers in Korea are crazy almost got hit by a car. A standing car, talking to a friend standing outside the car! pls be careful when walking the streets.

The grannys are all working out here and the Kids are using it as a playground

                     It is a really colorful neighborhood with lots of beautiful looking graffiti and art.



                                            I really wish I could read what is written there.


I really have to get to know more Korean people and hang out with them and not only with exchange students as great as they are. I wanted this exchange to be a stepping stone in being less shy. So I really do have to challenge myself more often out of my comfort zone. Even if I  really suck at it. All the shy people out there, you know how hard it is to approach new people, who don't even speak your language.

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